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Tamara Rose


I took my last final as a Wayne State student today!

Annnd I kicked the MTTC Music Education exam on Saturday!

Adulthood here I come.

Pre-student teaching

I had my final observation last Friday, and I got almost all 5’s! (one 4 and one 3) My cooperating teaching and observer told me that I have improved so much and that I am more than capable to become a teacher.

ANNND my cooperating teaching got me into the Dearborn sub system and wants me to sub her music class whenever she’s gone! Already 3 days booked in the beginning of June :)

After their spring break I get to conduct their concerts! Kindergarden & 1st grade are doing Toad and Frog, 2nd grade is doing Peter Rabbit, 3rd grade is doing Jack and the Beanstalk, and 4th & 5th are doing Suessical! Narrators, instruments, and singing <3 Cannot wait!

I love music and I love teaching little kids.

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Because of Them, We Can


Because of them, we can. And we will.

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